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Posted by tigerhawkvok on June 17, 2009 18:59 in General

First, a minor aside: the DMV always sucks, and it sucks more when someone who doesn't speak proper English gives you incorrect instructions, and as a result, you can't take your driving test.

African Grey Parrot, 1

Photo by Flickr user Another Seb

Now, to the main thrust of the post. I have been recently very strongly thinking about adding a pet and picking up a Psittacus erithacus ssp., or an African Grey Parrot. It's a lifetime commitment — they can live to be 50-65 years, with some becoming much older than that.

African Grey Parrot, 2

Photo by Flickr user devlon duthie

As a pet, however, the African Grey (at this very preliminary stage, I'm leaning toward the timneh subspecies) is highly intelligent, and, in theory, are capable of identifying objects, their qualities, and comparisons between them. They are comparatively high maintenance, needing frequent handling (but I would be fine with that), but should be a good next animal in my progression. I promised myself I would not get a dog until I own a house with a backyard, to be fair to the animal ... and though I don't see him frequently anymore, I still have Pharaoh!

African Grey Parrot, 3

Photo by Flickr user Retrolusionary

Challenges to this Grand Plan at the moment? First, the bird and the equipment will start around $1000 from a pet store, and I may want to hunt around for breeders, etc. Then, of course, I'll need to look at how climby Sasha is, so the feasibility of having a bird around a cat in San Diego. I'm hopeful, though ... maybe I'll be able to pull this off within a year.

I'd intended to embed more science and technicality into this post, but it got a bit obscured by parrotly musings. Oh well. Here's something: when I do this, I'll have pets in archosauria, lepidosauria, and carnivora, with periodic rodent interlopers.

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