1 Week Later

Posted by tigerhawkvok on June 20, 2009 19:53 in bliteotw , zombies

So we've been holed up at LHS for a week. There have definitely been arguments; only a few of us have sleeping bags and such pepared, but we have lots of food. The internet has been surprisingly resilient. I think most of the datacenters have essentially no people, and they're running OK. Updates to news reports and such have been getting slowly more sparse. We've made improvised explosives, projectiles, etc. We've been able to pick off the few things that came up this way, but food will be a problem soon. There are probably 50 people here? More? A few of us that came here with the intent of hiding out have weapons, but most are relatively ineffectual. There's been some talk of setting up hunting parties, as barbaric as that sounds. There are some turkeys on the hill, some foxes, etc. There are rabbits and pigeons in the Animal Lab, though none of us has had the courage to cook something that's named yet.

Looks like Kit and Rachel are OK. My folks and sister have holed up at my old high school. They text intermittently. They weren't able to bring much in the ways of chargers so they've ha to cycle through phones being off to preserve the length of their batteries. Looks like they're doing mostly OK, though I'm fuzzy on their situation.

It's not all been good. A couple of the kids went out while we weren't watching. We don't know what happened, but they were pawing ineffectually at the door when we saw them next.

One of the others couldn't deal with it. They took a running jump off the side of the hill. It was a minor favor. Surprisingly long-sited, all things considered.

We definitely didn't talk much that day.

We've set up a sign on the roof. "Survivors as of", with a date spelled out of cans. They know that it's recent, that way.

We're hoping for help, but if not, we have o idea how long holding out here is practical. We're too many people in too little space in a stressful situation, and the bickering will get bad. Its a minor miracle no one is highly religious here. There have been a lot of crazy posts online. I hope we get through this.

More posts later.

That's it for a one-week late "Blog Like It's the End of the World" entry. Hopefully I'll remember next year and follow up this storyline ... it was fun to write! Be sure to read my backdated entry for the initial infection dated on the "real" BLITEOTW date. See this, this, and this for some other stories and background.


Posted by tigerhawkvok on June 13, 2009 09:50 in bliteotw , zombies

So I'm not sure when it first happened, but well, at least Night of the Living Dead was closest. Imagine if 28 Days Later was right, and you had to fear a disease, or ifResident Evil or Left 4 Dead had it right and some of the dead ... transformed.

I suppose this makes our crazy plans for the Zombie Apocalyse, well, less insane. Google spammed the internet with the news. All of their AdWords bits became info links for what to do with the Walking Dead

Wow, that sounds horribly dramatic.

For right now, Natasha, Rob, Alyssa and I are holed up at my place. We're contemplating the rescue of Boris and Winnie. We see a few zombies walking the street, but we think we can get to the cats if Rob drives, and we do it soon.

Update 1:37 PM: Success at rescuing the kittens. After crashing through two zombies, we claimed a bunch of Natasha's stuff, food, and are back at my place debating zombie strategies. Kit says over IM that higher ground is better ground, an I think that barring someplace up on the hill, Etcheverry would be best. Natasha thinks her place might be a good hideout, and we've yet to reach an agreement. I wonder how feasible hauling computers is.

Update 3:12 PM: OK, I'm glad we didn't do Etcheverry. The streets were getting much fuller very quickly, and people next door were drunk, tried to whack some zombies with bats, and were killed and game back. It was gruesome. It's been a chore keeping the cats apart. The current consensus is try to shove the computers in the car, shove some supplies, the snakes, and the cats, and haul up to LHS. Should be enough food, up near the top of the mountain, and I think we might be able to haul up to LBL if necessary.

Update 5:50 PM: Got to LHS. Many more zombies on the way than we were expecting. Rob's car stalled on the way up, and we had a hard time driving past a pile of zombis up by the stadium. Looks like Kit and Rachael's "diffusion hypothesis" was right. There's a relatively low zombie density up here, and LHS has stashes of food, and not too many exits, but enough. We have a hill on one side ... I think we'll be OK here for a little bit. We have wireless, so we should be able to keep tabs on the internet. More some time later, today has been intense.